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The 10 Passenger Van is the same size of the 12 person van. Looking For a weekend getaway in a 12 Passenger Van, 15 Passenger Van Rental, Conversion Van or a Dodge Sprinter Van Rental. A guys' golf outing or the girls' day out. Smart engineering merged with thoughtful design. Transportation with luxurious style and comfort, like soft leather reclining seats, Flat Screen TV , DVD Player, Optional iPod Connections & GPS Navigation Systems and elegant trim are just of the few reason to choose a luxury van for your next long trip.  12 Passenger van Rentals in New York New Jersey & Miami Florida

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Long Trip Or Business Function!

Whether you are taking a road trip cross country or visiting family a couple hours away, our conversion vans and Full Size Van Rentals are packed with useful features for that trip, Starting your own business, transporting clients, Church Outing, Group Travel, Summer Camp Van Rentals, traveling to different accounts or storing equipment? our conversion vans rentals provide the ground transportation solution to fit whatever industry you're in. It's the simple details that will exude professionalism from every corner of the vehicle: real wood trim, leather seating, luxury sound and entertainment system, optional GPS navigation, heated seats and high definition TV. The choice is yours.


Conversion Vans for your Everyday Life

Imagine a trip to the grocery store without your children fighting over what seat they get. Wish you could duplicate yourself - someone to drive, someone to entertain the kids? With our luxury vans, every seat is a prized one so your eyes stay on the road and the kids are focused on the custom-designed entertainment system with personal volume controls and headphones. Whether it is an in-flight movie or a video game, they are safely entertained while you are safely at the wheel

Sprinter Van Rental specializes in car and large van rentals in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Miami Florida, West palm Beach Florida, Orlando Florida, Fort Lauderdale Florida. Here, we feature newer, cleaner, and more reliable cars and rental vans than other car and van rental businesses. We cater to Foreign Students, Foreign Travelers, tourists, Church Groups, Sports Teams, Youth Groups, and Corporate Renters. Contact our car and van rental business in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Miami Florida, West palm Beach Florida, Orlando Florida, Fort Lauderdale Florida , where we specialize in car rental and van rentals including 8, 11, 12 and 15 passenger vans for foreign travelers and students, Church Groups, ministries ports teams and corporate traveler into US.